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Cottage village Pavlovo
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  • 7 houses from 160 000 000 ₽
  • Novorizhskoe Shosse, 14 km from MKAD
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About cottage vilage

The cottage village of Pavlovo is an embodied idea of ​​leading architects in the field of suburban construction. This place is fully consistent with the concept of a comfortable life in nature. It is comfortable, green, quiet and very comfortable. Real estate in the village of Pavlovo is houses, apartments and townhouses built using the most modern technologies. You can use the developed infrastructure, live in a comfortable house and at the same time admire the beautiful landscapes.

Pavlovo is a village in which there are both multi -apartment buildings and townhouses, as well as elite private cottages. In total, 220 households are arranged on the territory of the village, which are distinguished by a variety of architectural projects that make up a common exquisite style together. You can buy a house in the cottage village of Pavlovo with an area of ​​350 to 500 sq.m., with a plot of 18 to 70 acres. The village has a landscaped area with recreation areas and pleasant landscape...

Find out more about houses in village


  • Village readiness
    Built and inhabited
  • Village type
    Large village
  • Target land use
    Private housing construction
  • Guards
  • Houses
  • Sewerage
  • Water supply
    Central, village well
  • Gas supply
    Main gas

Comfortable location

Developed infrastructure is one of the advantages of a prestigious village in New Riga. Not far from Pavlovo is a whole mini-town of Pavlovo Compound with retail and entertainment points. In the complex, several streets and squares are organized, where you can have fun relax and go shopping. Here you can work out in sports or relax in spa, drink coffee or eat in an excellent restaurant. A great reason to buy a house in Pavlovo!

In addition, the entertainment complex belonging to the village has a magnificent scene where various concerts and events are held.

Cottage village Pavlovo Photo 36 Pavlovo Compound
Cottage village Pavlovo Photo 37 Pavlovskaya gymnasium
Cottage village Pavlovo Photo 38 Church of Sergius of Radonezh
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Cottage village Pavlovo Photo 40 Peremena Park School
Cottage village Pavlovo Photo 41 Restaurant "Rusalka"
Cottage village Pavlovo Photo 42 Shopping and entertainment center "Pavlovo Podvorie"


The village is located in the west of Moscow, in the Novorizh direction. 14 kilometers - this distance separates its village from the Moscow Ring Road. This distance can be driven literally in a minute, in addition, a convenient entrance was organized for owners of real estate in the cottage village of Pavlovo.

Pavlovo is located in a special natural zone, on a hill, among forests and environmental areas. You can buy a house in Pavlovo or a cozy Townhaus and every day admire the excellent views of the river that is leaking next to the river that open from here.

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